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What is the difference between Flashings Direct products and other flashings?

You, as the consumer, have many options to choose from, so we decided to offer the highest quality products on the market with the most thorough guarantee. Not all flashings are created equal - Imported flashings have been found to use reground rubber (old tire rubber), cheap fillers,and poor chemicals that when subject to UV/Ozone and extreme weather, tend to become discolored, dry out and crack in just under 5 years. Our Flashings Direct pipe flashings use only virgin rubber specially formulated for our designs which come standard with a minimum, 20 year warranty. You know you are purchasing a high quality product you can trust! 


What type of vents can our flashings be used for?

Our flashing can be used for Type B vents and double wall vents. If you have a specific vent you are unsure about, please contact us -we will be happy to lend you our expertise.


Where do I cut the flashing?

The flashing should be cut 20% smaller than the pipe diameter to insure a tight fit. Most of these flashings are clearly marked with guides on where to help you find the correct location to cut.


Do I need sealant at the top of the flashing, and if not, how does it seal against the pipe?

The standard flashing operates off a simple compression seal. The standard flashings (non-retrofit/non split items) are normally cut 20% smaller than the pipe you are sealing. This tension between the flashing and the pipe provides a watertight compression seal that has served our customers well for decades. In the case of severe weather conditions or heavy snow load applications, or just your peace of mind, we recommend the addition of a zip tie or steel band to the top of the flashing.


Would a silicone sealant be recommended to be used with your flashings?

You could use any sealant that is not petro-chemical based. A silicone or a polyurethane sealant would be fine. We offer and recommend the Titebond Metal Roof sealant which adheres well to Kynar® and other roofing materials.


What temperature ranges are your products suited to withstand?


-65 degrees to 275 degrees Fahrenheit Intermittent

- 65 degrees to 212 degrees Fahrenheit Continuous.  


-100 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit Intermittent 

-100 degrees to 437 degrees Fahrenheit Continuous

For more information take a look at our Material Specs Page


Are they good for heated pipes?  

Yes they are!!!  We are actually listed for use with heated type-B vents (double walled)


From our  Customer Service Professional:

“I recently had a guy call in with a sidewall application (I believe it was a hose bib) at an oil refinery.  Since the Flashings are not recommended for direct contact with oil or gas I thought the customer was out of luck. But in further discussions with a rubber Chemist we discovered that the installation was not an issue — especially since the product wasn’t being subjected to oil or gas (just at a location where there is a lot of it).  Sometimes we get concerned about little things that aren't a big deal, but that’s because our customer’s satisfaction is and always will be a big deal to us.”


I noticed that the flashings have a 20 year warranty and the roof I'm putting on has a 25, 30 or 35 year life. Do you have any flashings that have a longer warranty than 20 years?

Yes! The new 35 Year flashing has just that – a 35 year warranty! It is also the only flashing with an ICC, IBC and IRC listing. (International Commercials, Building, and Residential Codes)


Do you offer any other colors besides Black & Grey?

Yes, our Standard Square Base and Universal Round come in 10 other colors to choose from (Dark & Light Green, Dark & Light Blue, Dark & Light Grey, Terra Cotta, Bright Red, White and Brown). We also offer our Silicone Flashings in both Terracotta and Light Grey. We will make additional Silicone colors available in the future!


Can I use the standard flashing on a shingle roof?

The standard flashings are primarily used on metal roofing. You could use the standard flashing on shingle roof however, we highly suggest using the Residential flashings that are specifically designed for shingle and tile roofing.


Will the round flashing work on square pipes?

Although customers have used this product in applications outside its intended use with good results, this is not recommended. We offer a few square tube flashings that are intended specifically for that application and recommend the right part for the right job.


Can I paint the flashing?

Yes, but only with water base paints.  Please keep in mind that rubber flexes and over time the paint will chip and fall off — that's why we make flashings in colors…


Shipping Policy:

Most orders will be shipped within 24-72 hours of receipt of your order.

We cannot ship to PO boxes. Please list your street address when ordering and specify whether it is a business or residence. Residential deliveries may be subject to additional freight charges as imposed by certain common carriers.

Most items will ship directly from our warehouse. On orders shipping to a residential address no signature will be required to deliver the package. If you would like a signature to be required to complete the delivery please specify that in the notes section during checkout.

We are not responsible for lost packages. Within the lower 48 states, shipping is standard ground service. Shipping charges shown in the shopping cart are based on estimated weight, distance and packaging and may vary when invoiced.

International Shipping: Please contact us for international shipping rates. Upon ordering a product you agree to pay any shipping costs, duties, storage costs, customs or fees required by your government or the shipper (these charges can be significant). Your local customs office or post office should be able to tell you what the fees will be.

The following conditions apply to international orders:

1. Orders under $500.00 (USD) that are NOT shipping to the billing address of the credit card will require payment by a Wire Transfer of Funds.

2. We reserve the right to request a Wire Transfer of Funds on any international order received.

3. Photo identification may be required to process a payment by a Wire Transfer of Funds.

4. If you require a shipping quote please designate that in the comments section of the order form.


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